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We are Here On Earth

We are Here On Earth. Now, this is the name of our band, but it also describes the status of each person reading this blog. We are here on Earth, whether we like it or not. When faced with this fact, a lot of people ask the obvious question of simply, “Why?” Why are we here, what are we meant to do? Now, this is a tough question to answer, and being a junior in high school, I have no intention of fully answering it in this blog post. But, I do have a theory. I came up with the name “Here On Earth” (we added the “Worship” part later) when I was simply saying an Our Father. For some reason, when I said “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, On Earth as it is in Heaven” I thought of the name Here On Earth. It sparked the idea inside me that we as Christians are here on this Earth for a purpose, and while we may have different means of doing it, we are all meant to love and praise God. Some people may think the purpose of being a Christian, and even being on this earth, is to get to Heaven. And while they are partly right, that’s not the main reason we are Christians. There are stories of people living awful lives, being forgiven right before they die, then going to Heaven. So the question comes up, why as Christians do we try to be good our whole lives?

It’s because God teaches us to, and He being the One we worship and praise, we follow His teachings and rules. But, there is so much more to our faith than just trying to be the best people we can be. We follow God because God is good, and for that same reason we praise God. Praise and worship is such an essential part of our faith, and we in Here On Earth Worship are here on Earth to praise God, and to help other people praise Him and become closer with Him.

Pablo Picasso once said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” I love this quote, because it answers probably the biggest question any human has ever had, in just two sentences. Each one of us has been blessed with all sorts of different spiritual gifts that help us bring ourselves and others closer to God. One’s gift may be the gift of openness, being available whenever someone needs them. Another may be kindness, love, or even simply joy. Or, it may even be the gift of music. That is what we in Here On Earth Worship have been blessed with, and we thank God for it everyday. When we play, we always pray that it may not be about us, but that it may be about Him. We believe we are Here On Earth to Worship, the only question is, will you join us?

- TJ


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Band photos credit Loreen Kelley Photography at www.loreenkelleyphotography.com